Usta Art Photo Frame – round


Photo frame with rare Usta pure gold foil work. Put your loved ones photo and hang it in your bedroom...Read More
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Photo frame with rare Usta pure gold foil work. Put your loved ones photo and hang it in your bedroom or office and add gold glitters to the decor.

Art piece hand crafted with rare USTA art of Bikaner with pure gold foil work. USTA art is a broad term which is the combination of many different form of arts and techniques. In current times most popular form seen is Sunehri Munawwati Nakkashi work which means gold emboss work. This form of this art is preformed on walls, ceilings, glass, wood, marble and artifacts made of camel leather also. Sunehri Munawwati Nakkashi work or gold emboss work is completes in many stages. firstly smooth surface is prepared by applying natural primer than measurement is taken for the drawing designs, the designs are drawn on the surface than AKHBARA or first stage of work is done, in this the floral design is filled, using brush and color. When it is dried the floral design is embossed through brush by using a paste prepared by mixing pot clay powder, gum, jaggery and naushadar, on this embossed design a layer of yellow paint is applied and left it to hard dry again a coat of the yellow paint is applied and when it is dried the gold foils are applied and the details of emboss are drawn through very fine brush and design is filled with color.

Bikaner was and is the centre for Usta Art, a generic term for the Manoti-Naqqashi (embossed and unembossed floral and geometric patterned objects layered with gold) media produced by Usta family master artistans of Bikaner.

The term USTA is derived from Persian word 'USTAD' or master in a particular art or several arts. During the period of Mughal emperor Akbar a group of Usta artists came to Bikaner in the royal patronage of Maharaja Rai Singh to perform design work at the famous Junagarh fort of Bikaner. The craftsmanship and skill of those artists can be seen even today in the Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal and Karan Mahal of Junagarh fort.

Dimensions: Outside diameter: 9.5 inches x Inside diameter: 4.5 inches x Thickness: 0.5 inches
Weight: 400 grams